I am a frequent visitor to Culantro over on King William Street. I cannot get enough of the quinoa stuffed croquettes! I could make this whole post about the croquettes, but there is so much more offered at this cookery. If you are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, meat-etarian, or anything in between, Culantro can provide you with a solid meal.

The first thing that you will want to start with is the purple corn juice. It isn’t your typical juice. It is sweet, but not overly sweet. I bet you haven’t tasted anything like this before. If you really need an excuse to try it, just remember that this deep purple juice is rich in antioxidants so it has to be good for you!

Instead of bread, you start by munching on these delightful corn kernels which are roasted and lightly salted. Unlike the corn kernels we are used to, they do not “pop”. This type of kernel gets slightly puffed and has a starchy, crunchy texture. It is highly addictive. It is this fantastic hybrid between corn nuts and popcorn.

The quinoa stuffed yucca croquettes. These perfect little golden yucca nuggets are stuffed with quinoa and sauteed vegetables, fried, salted and paired with a delicious red onion dipping sauce. Yucca is much like a potato so don’t be too afraid. It has a slightly more chewy texture than a potato but the flavours are quite silimar. I actually enjoy the texture of yucca over potatoes.

Chef Juan making some croquettes!

I also ordered the vegetable salad that has beets, carrots, red peppers, green beans, tomato and another form of extremely large corn nibs. So far we have had 3 different types of corn in one meal!

The chicken empanadas are sold choice as well. The have a flaky pastry shell and it is packed with chicken and sauteed vegetables. There are a variety of different empanadas you can order.

I also got sweet potato fries which were delicious. If you get sweet potato fries, I suggest that you top them off with all of the left over dipping sauces and the dressing from the salad. It is the best random mixture you can pour on fries!

Twitter: @culantrocookery

47 King William St., Hamilton, ON

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