Earth to Table Bread Bar

Earth to Table Bread Bar is hardly an unknown local eatery in Hamilton and for good reason. It is consistently good ingredients used to make well prepared food with new creations that keep people coming back.

What you might not know, is that every Tuesday at Bread Bar is TACO TUESDAY! I found this out a while ago and I am extremely happy that I did.

I started with a Rosemary Apple Collins which is gin and cider, two things I enjoy, with a few extras. The rosemary was a nice accompaniment and finished off the earthy flavours of the drink.

The bonus of sitting at the bar was having the freshly fried tortilla chips that I couldn’t stop eating. Super crispy and seasoned perfectly.

On the menu for Taco Tuesday was polenta fries, which were just irresistible to me.

The presentation at Bread Bar never fails. The fries were crispy and delicious. Polenta was once described to me as Italian Kraft Dinner, which is totally true!

The texture of the polenta fries is quite pleasant. I enjoy the grainy yet smooth starchiness on the inside and the crispy and golden outer layer. The chipotle crema could have had a bit more flavour, but I still really enjoyed the dish.

The tacos were made with corn tortillas, like they should be! I was so happy that I, being gluten free, could take part in the meal. I ordered the pulled pork and slaw as well as the avocado and black bean.

I loved the tacos, the pulled pork was tender and easy to bite into and the black beans and avocado were a perfect combo. I enjoyed drizzling the lime over them to add in an extra feel of Mexico.

Bread Bar has a trendy and welcoming atmosphere.

I took a look at the dessert menu and would have enjoyed everything on it, but what really caught my eye was that one desert had roasted banana ice cream. It was pretty heavenly having a vanilla ice cream with banana chunks.

I would just like to finish off by saying that I have always had a great meal at Bread Bar. It is highly recommended. Also, if you are intrigued by the loaded fries on the menu, they are a great creation that never fails to please.

Twitter: @BreadBar_HamOnt


258 Locke St. S., Hamilton, ON

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