The Burnt Tongue

The Burnt Tongue is easily one of my top 5 favourite restaurants in Hamilton. It is likely the restaurant that I frequent the most. The creativity, real ingredients and overall experience at this little restaurant are what keeps me coming back.  

The menu changes every day so you will usually find me checking twitter around 11:45 so I can decide what I want to eat.

At noon, this place fills up fast! I’d suggest arriving a little early or a little late, even 5 minutes makes a difference if you have the option to change your lunch hour slightly. That said, the wait was not too long and it gave me an opportunity to check out everyone else’s meals and decide which soup looked the best.

Bottles of Pop! 

Bottle cap candle holders.

After getting in line, I noticed the Malaysian Cabbage soup which totally changed my mind about the Sage and Winter Vegetable. How can you go wrong with anything that has sriracha? I ordered a medium soup and I also grabbed a small fry with Mexican ketchup.

The Malaysian Cabbage Soup with peanuts, sriracha and cilantro created a hardy combination that was perfect for the cold weather. There was just enough spice and sweetness to this soup that made it very enjoyable without making your nose run. The flavours of the soup were strong and worked perfectly together.

The perfect spoon full

The fries are delicious. Perfectly salted (for my taste, if you don’t want salt, you should probably advise them to ease up), crispy and hot! The perfect fry to go with the perfect soup! The Mexican ketchup was also a hit and delivered a good spicy punch.

The fries were so good I even brown-bagged them. I will advise you that they are fantastic when fresh and still pretty decent when they are re-heated in the toaster oven…you can’t let good food to go waste.

Twitter: @Theburnttongue

10 Cannon St. E., Hamilton, ON

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3 thoughts on “The Burnt Tongue

  1. Thanks for this review. I had walked by The Burnt Tongue so many times and didn’t know they had so many vegetarian and vegan options, the name of the restaurant threw me off. So after reading the review, I went in last week for the first time and it was great.

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