541 Eatery and Exchange

541 Eatery and Exchange Exterior

541 Eatery & Exchange is open and inviting. This warm and welcoming place offers affordable meals and acts as a gathering spot for the entire community. I like to think of it as the Spirit of Hamilton.

This place is awesome, quite frankly. The concept for 541 is to have a place where no one feels excluded. The incredibly affordable, home cooked meals, are delicious and filling.

541 Eatery and Exchange Interior

The volunteers who help run the restaurant and the owners do wonderful work contributing to the community.

541 Eatery and Exchange Soup

Curried Potato and Leek soup was only $2. It rivals many of the soups I have had at other restaurants.

541 Eatery and Exchange Menu

Remember to buy a button (or two) for $1 and pay-it-forward to help another person out. They can then use buttons to buy a meal 🙂

This place really just makes me happy.

Twitter: @541Barton

541 Barton St. E., Hamilton, ON

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