Valentine’s Day Dinner and Chocolate Hearts

Whether you are in a relationship or just in love with food, you deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, you are probably too late to make a dinner reservation. Have no fear, the shops on Locke Street are here! You can still make a special Valentine’s Day dinner, no cooking skills required…

On Locke Street you can get everything you need for a perfect cheese and charcuterie tray…as well as dessert!

First, grab some cheese, preserves, oils, and anything else that might tickle your taste buds from the Cheese Shoppe on Locke. Next, across the street at Locke St. Meats & Deli get some deli meats. Stop in at Bitten to pick up a sweet treat for dessert. Finally, go around the corner on Dundurn to Cake and Loaf Bakery and grab some delicious bread to complete the meal.

Here are a couple of trays for inspiration…

valentines day tray

Three cheeses (a bleu, aged cheddar, and a hard cheese), toasted almonds, preserve, honeycomb toffee, multi-grain baguette. Prosciutto, salami, duck liver, chicken liver parfait, cured meat, whole grain dijon mustard, hard-boiled quail egg, pickled beats, toasted almonds, grilled baguette.

valentines day tray 2

Three cheeses (Boursin, aged cheddar, brie) almonds, pecans, grapes, whole grain dijon mustard, chocolate hearts, assortment of crackers.

Bonus! To make chocolate hearts, melt 4 squares of bittersweet baking chocolate or dark chocolate chopped up in a double boiler just until the chocolate is melted. Place a cookie sheet out and line it with waxed paper. Let the chocolate cool slightly and transfer to a parchment cone (or plastic bag), chop the tip off and begin to draw heart shapes on the lined cookie sheet. Be careful to fill in the hearts to ensure they do not break when cooled. Place the sheet in the freezer and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Remove the hardened hearts and serve! You can make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge for a few weeks…if they last that long.

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