Pane Del Sole

Pane Del Sole Bakery 7

Pane Del Sole Bakery is a long standing Italian bakery in Hamilton that is stocked with freshly baked pastries and treats, as well as a range of grocery items and delicious meals you can take home! Next year marks the 50th anniversary of this bakery located on John Street North. Keep reading to see what is inside this box…

Pane Del Sole Bakery 1

Pane Del Sole has a wide range of treats to please any tastebud. The vast selection includes outstanding, fresh, quality pastries and desserts.

Pane Del Sole Bakery 2

Cannoli, cream pies, baklava and tiramisu! One of each please!

Pane Del Sole Bakery 5

While everything looks and tastes amazing, I would have to say that the cannoli are my favourite. One features ricotta and the other includes mascarpone.

Pane Del Sole Bakery 6

Creamy filling is stuffed into the pastry shell and drizzled with chocolate and mini chocolate chips. It is idea for those with a sweet tooth!

Pane Del Sole Bakery 4

The light fluffy texture of the pastry melts in your mouth. Once you taste their amazing cannoli, you will never go elsewhere.

For your next party or work function, remember that Pane Del Sole caters! You’ll make everyone’s day.

Also, just to add some more honey to the pot, it is almost summer and that means gelato at Pane Del Sole!



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