Except for Kenneth

Except for Kenneth 3

The Other Bird restaurant group has released a new addition called, Except for Kenneth, over on Ottawa Street next to Black Sheep Snack Bar. Except for Kenneth is a South American-Asian fusion restaurant that offers tacos, steamed buns, dumplings and salads. The simple plates offer a punch of flavour and are perfectly sized and priced so you can sample every inch of their diverse menu.

Except for Kenneth 2

Ok, let’s start by answering your first question when you see the menu, “what is halloumi?”. Plain and simple, it’s cheese and yes it is delicious fried and stuffed in a taco. Your second question will be, “what is Ken’s salad?”. It’s fingerling potatoes topped with beets, avocado dressing, pickled onions and pickled jalapenos (pictured at the top).

Except for Kenneth 6

Now for one that is pretty self-explanatory, steamed buns. Steamed buns are also on the menu and they were one of our favourites! The chicken bun really hit the spot in its plump, soft shell which was bursting to the max will all kinds of toppings.

Except for Kenneth 5

The pork steamed bun was ordered once we realised that these things are simply awesome and we needed more.

Except for Kenneth 7

The toppings on each and every one of these plates are creative and unique to each taco or steamed bun.

Except for Kenneth 4

The chubby dumplings also aren’t lacking on flavour as they are packed with all sorts of ingredients.

Except for Kenneth 8

Except for Kenneth opens today! So be sure to check it out over on Ottawa St.

Twitter: @except4kenneth

Website: exceptforkenneth.com

189 Ottawa St. N., Hamilton, ON

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