A Day on Locke Street: Rexy’s, Bitten and Brux House

Rexys 1

Exploring Locke Street is a fantastic way to spend a day. This past weekend was also special in that it was the 6th annual West Hamilton Artists Tour (W.H.A.T.) which happens all around the Kirkendall neighbourhoods of Hamilton. These lovely neighbourhoods house some of Hamilton’s great artists and each year they open up on Mother’s Day weekend so you can interact with them, see their art and their homes. It was the perfect opportunity to spend a day on Locke and we had some amazing food…

Rexys 2

UPDATE (Aug 9, 2015): Rexy’s has permanently closed.

Rexy’s has opened on Locke Street and offers a tapas-style menu with some nice light dishes that are perfect for enjoying on their beautiful patio behind the restaurant (pictured above). This is sure to be a favourite hang out along Locke to grab a drink and enjoy summer. I recommend the heirloom tomatoes (caprese salad style) as a nice fresh snack.


Bitten is known for their very popular cupcakes and whoopie pies. When you enter the little bakery, you see their extensive selection of beautiful, fresh cupcakes. The various flavour combinations are sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. Grab a cupcake and get a coffee just a couple doors over at Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe!

Brux House 3

Brux House is a fantastic dinner spot which has great specials as well as the most addictive Belgian style fries and roasted cauliflower like you’ve never had it before. Sausages, schnitzel, beet carpaccio and more! The list could really go on and on and you will often find people ordering many plates to share so they can experience as much of the food as possible. To wash it all down, grab a cocktail or beer from their ample bar menu.

Brux House 2

These places are just a few of my favourites along Locke. If you are looking to do something fun this long weekend, and aren’t coming on our May 16th tour, take a a walk along Locke and enjoy the shops, restaurants and bars!

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