Date Night in Downtown Hamilton

Date Night in Hamilton

Hamilton’s upped it’s game for date night over the past few years. It used to be the standard to go to Earth to Table Bread Bar, which is still one of my favourites, but now you can choose to take your date to any number of awesome establishments. Check out these fun date night ideas in Hamilton.

The Brain for Drinks and Dessert

Pie? Check. Beer? Check. Well I think I’ve fallen in love already with The Brain. This places offers a wide variety of beer and cider, so it is perfect for those who want to grab a drink and get some dessert. For some reason I always have the best conversations at The Brain. Could it be the name, The Brain? Well, maybe I should attribute that to the West Avenue Cider. Either way, it makes for a great date night! They also have a patio out back.

Oh yeah, check for Bingo on Thursdays, The Brain usually hosts it once a month. They predominately use Instagram to share their specials and new items on tap, so make sure you check them out!

Instagram: @HereComesTheBrain

WORK Restaurant at Art Crawl

WORK is my go to place during Art Crawl (2nd Friday of every month) because it is just slightly further away from the crowd. WORK has a great menu that changes regularly but almost always includes their signature avocado fries! WORK also hosts a late night comedy show on Wednesdays and they will also sometimes feature live music.

Facebook: WORK
Twitter: @WORKfood
Instagram: WORKfood

Bean Bar and Westdale Theatre for Dinner and a Movie

Bean Bar over in Westdale is an awesome spot that has a huge menu selection with anything from salad to steak and they do everything on that menu very well! It is also right next door to the Westdale Theatre where you can catch flicks that you may not have heard of otherwise. These two combined make for the perfect dinner and a movie date.

Facebook: Bean Bar

The Ship for Burgers and a Patio

The Ship is the best burger and po’boy joint around, they also have an ample selection of craft beer. The patio is hidden away under a green canopy at the back and is perfect for summer. Yes, you can get a wicked vegetarian and gluten-free burger here. I highly suggest it if you are looking for a laid back date with good menu options.

Twitter: @ShipTwits

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