Locke Street Farmers’ Market

Locke Street Farmers Market

I enjoy going to markets to shop for local products, produce, flowers, treats and wine! Luckily, every Saturday from now until October the Locke Street Farmers’  Market is open right around the corner on Locke and Herkimer.

Locke Street Farmers' Market Haul

June 13th was the first Locke Street Farmers’ Market for 2015. I grabbed beets from Backyard Harvest, peonies from La Primavera Farms, Maple Caramelized Onions made by From These Roots, amaretti cookies from Il Convento and two wines from Tawse Winery. There were so many great vendors at the market.

La Primavera Farms Flowers

La Primavera Farms has fresh flowers and mushrooms grown at the farm. The beautiful bouquets are simply stunning.

Peonies from La Primavera Farms

These soft pink peonies came home with me and are already filling the living room with their amazing fragrance.

Peonies - La Primavera Farms

La Primavera Farms has a number of different in season flowers for sale. I can’t wait to see what they have throughout the summer.

Tawse Winery

Tawse Winery has a great selection of wine and offers tastings at the market. I brought home the rosé and the cab-merlot. I also tried the riesling which was really refreshing.

Bread Bar Samples

Earth to Table Bread Bar, conveniently located next to the market, was on site offering up samples of market food! There was raspberry ice cream from Foundry Ice Cream with cookies from Il Convento, asparagus pizza using the vendors’ produce, and there was also fresh Bread Bar bread with lavender infused butter from Weir’s Lane and apple infused butter.

Amaretti from Il Convento

I also picked up some amaretti samples from Il Convento. These chewy and sweet cookies are made from only three ingredients: almonds, egg whites and sugar. Naturally gluten and dairy free.

Locke Street Farmers Market

It was a great first day at the market. I can’t wait to cook up my beets and beet greens for tonight’s dinner! I look forward to making this part of my Saturday morning ritual.

2 thoughts on “Locke Street Farmers’ Market

  1. We rarely get out to visit other farmers’ markets but we attend our local one here in Dundas on a regular basis. Cheers.


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