FarmStart Farm Tour: Earth to Table Farm


FarmStart: Earth to Table Farm in partnership with The Mustard Seed hosted a farm tour just 10-minutes from Hamilton at their start-up farm. The Earth to Table farm hosts Honest Field Farms, Dunbar Organic Farm, Close to Home Farm, and Weathervane Farms. The beautiful organic farm was a pleasure to visit and it was wonderful to meet the farmers.

Farmstart 2

Kate from Honest Field Farm guided guests around the 50 acre farm which also acts as a beautiful wedding venue as well as hosting start-up organic farmers.

Onion Seeds

Christine of Dunbar Organic Farm was the first stop. With Christine’s farming practices she is able to keep seeds from organic plants and help local pollinators.

Organic Seeds - Dunbar Organic Farm

She sells seeds to clients and also provides home and office deliveries in Hamilton.

Pigs - Dunbar Organic Farm

The Earth to Table Farm also has a variety of pigs!

Kale - Close to Home Farm

Rowena from Close to Home Farm provides her produce to Earth to Table Bread Bar, Ancaster Mills and other Pearle Hospitality facilities.

Greenhouse - Close to Home Farm

She also grows tomatoes in a greenhouse on the farm in addition to her leafy greens grown under covers to protect them from insects and birds.

Seedlings - Honest Field Farms

Kate then took us to the Honest Fields Farm plot where they grow a number of different vegetables for their 18-week CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

Honest Field Farm

The CSA serves Hamiltonians with beautiful organic produce.

Weathervane Farms

We then went to Weathervane Farm to speak with Igor who provided insight into their farming practices and how their farm has evolved from a community garden.

Weathervane Farms

They also provide The Mustard Seed with their produce and offer a CSA program.

Weathervane Farms

It was a great morning spent at the farm and I look forward to seeing the products from these farmers at local markets and restaurants around Hamilton!

For more information on FarmStart and The Mustard Seed, visit their websites at and

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