Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, NYC


I had the pleasure of visiting Brooklyn this summer to experience Smorgasburg and I was not disappointed!  I have to admit that I didn’t expect the varied options of delights that were available.  I half expected the usual street food fare:  hot dogs, sausages, ice cream, etc.

Instead I discovered fresh lobster rolls, truffle cheese steak sliders, ramen burgers, artisan nut butters, to name a few.


I personally tried the pork belly steamed buns, freshly made hummus and pita bread, a roasted veggie sandwich on fresh bread with buttery soft mozzarella.  I was in heaven!  Luckily I shared my food with my family so I could save room for more.


I also purchased some unique horseradishes to take home courtesy of ISH Premium Horseradishes.  I have never really been a horseradish fan but the awesome flavour pairings caught my tastebuds by surprise and now I’m hooked!  The flavours included beet, citrus, garlic and ginger, each one is unique and very tasty.

So if you find yourself in NYC in the future, plan a trip to Brooklyn and catch Smorgasburg.  It runs on Saturdays in Williamsburg and Sundays at Brooklyn Pier.

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