West Avenue Cider

West Avenue Cider

There is nothing like a crisp and refreshing cider on a hot and humid evening like tonight. My favourite go to cider has been West Avenue Cider. Their delicious, diverse and innovative selection of ciders are consistently delivered which has pushed them to the top of many people’s list of favourites. From barrel aged to ice cider, they keep us wondering what the next brew will be…

My introduction to West Ave was early this year at the quaint and zany bar called The Brain. The Brain features West Ave’s Heritage Dry as a staple on tap as well as others in bottles. As I sat there with a pint in hand, talking politics, I thought, “yeah, this is awesome”. The Heritage Dry is the trademark cider of West Ave. It’s a crisp cider that has a hint of sweetness and its drinkability makes it go down so easily.

West Avenue Cider and The Brain

The Because Beer Pop-up event held at Mills Hardware this spring is where I got to meet the talented and spirited team behind West Ave. Getting to meet the team really highlighted their commitment to making a great cider and building strong support for what they are doing.

After having a sip of their Cherriosity blend, I was hooked on the cherry infused flavour. It wasn’t what you’d expect. The flavour is subtle and ever so slightly sweet.

West Avenue Cider

Because Beer Festival again featured West Ave. It was great to enjoy the sunset with my friends at Pier 4 with West Ave in hand.

West Avenue Cider - Because Beer Festival

Since they are constantly putting out new products, make sure you follow them on social media to keep up to date with their latest cider innovations.

Instagram: @WestAvenueCider
Twitter: @WestAvenueCider
Website: westavenue.ca

You can check out West Ave at The Brain, Bread Bar or Ancaster Mills here in Hamilton.

West Ave has really been my drink of summer. I hope you enjoy it too! I’ll see you at The Brain. Cheers!

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