Hamilton Food Tours

Back in July, Hamilton Small Fries, Lindsay and Heather, attended our James St. N. Food Tour. They have kindly shared their experience on the tour! Check it out and see what you can expect on our tours!

hamilton small fries


Six to eight stops in Hamilton’s downtown core enjoying a day full of history, sampling new foods made locally, and chatting with interesting people. Sound like your type of thing? Ours too…which is what drew us to Hamilton Food Tours like flies to honey.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | Hamilton, Ontario | The Burnt Tongue Fries

The Itinerary of Our Tour

  1. Mulberry Coffeehouse (Check out our review of Mulberry here.
  2. The Green Smoothie Bar (Check out our review of Green Smoothie bar here.
  3. Butcher and the Vegan (Stay tuned for an upcoming post.) 
  4. Shine
  5. The Burnt Tongue(Check out our review of The Burnt Tongue here.) 
  6. Pane Del Sole
  7. Chocolat on James
  8. The Hamilton Store

Extra visits included: James North General Store, Mixed Media, and Pretty Grit.


What to Expect

You start off by meeting your tour guide (the lovely Vanessa!) at specified location in downtown Hamilton. From there, you enjoy some food sampling and…

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