Lake Road Restaurant on James St. N.

Lake Road

Chef Dan Megna and Laurie Lilliman opened their latest culinary venture, Lake Road Restaurant last night to an excited crowd.  The restaurant did not disappoint.  Many of the eager patrons were former guests at the duo’s other incredibly successful restaurant, Twisted Lemon in Cayuga.

UPDATE: We’ve revisited Lake Road to try some more dishes, continue reading!

Lake Road Restaurant

The venue is gorgeous, the food is impeccable and the theme is decidedly more understated than Twisted Lemon.  The wait staff wore jeans, white shirts and aprons adding to the casual vibe.

Lake Road Restaurant Hamilton

My family and I shared a few dishes including a margherita pizza, pasta and the Napoleon appetizer which included hummus, carrot-Harissa puree, baby Ghanoush and tzatziki.  Everything was delicious.  I also purchased three bags of their famous Lemon Twists to enjoy later (highly addictive!).

UPDATE: November 5, 2015

We’ve revisited Lake Road and tried more items from the menu.

Lake Road Restaurant

The Greek Salad was amazing with the marinated feta and black olive paint on the side. It was such a beautiful plate that was equally as tasty as it looked.

Lake Road

The soup du jour was a roasted red pepper.

Lake Road

The Chef’s risotto of the day featured scallops, shrimp and tarragon. 

With everything being so delicious, we couldn’t help but order dessert.

Lake Road

Say hello to the chocolate bomb…

Lake Road


Lake Road

And last but not least, the Citrus!

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