Hambrgr is Hamilton’s latest hot spot for burgers and beer




King William Street has the latest delicious burger joint in downtown Hamilton.

I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of Caesars.  I’ve had the good, the spicy, the strange and now, thanks to Hambrgr, the delicious with a new twist….bourbon.  I was skeptical that this new invention would satisfy my tastebuds, but it did…and how.  Take a look at this delight:


I love it….a drink and a snack!

Sorry, enough about my love of Caesars…back to the real story…the hamburgers.

The burgers didn’t disappoint either.  I chose the classic cheeseburger while my husband went with the “Morning Glory”, a massive concoction including a fried egg.



The burgers were moist, perfectly cooked and dressed to perfection.  We shared sweet potato fries and they were fantastic, as well.

The place was busy but the service was very quick and our server was really nice.

If burgers are your thing, give Hambrgr a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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