Feast on the Farm – Tastebuds Hamilton


Tastebuds Hamilton – student nutrition collaborative is a partnership program that strives to provide children in our community with access to healthy food. Tastebuds is an amazing organization that supports 168 student nutrition programs in 142 locations across Hamilton. In the 2014-2015 school year, the staff and 1,269 volunteers helped service an average of 30,082 students per day!

Tastebuds hosts an annual celebration every year to support their programs and to celebrate the start of the growing season. This year on Thursday, May 26th Feast on the Farm will be taking place…on the farm! That is the Earth to Table Farm which is only 12 minutes from downtown; don’t you love living in an urban-rural community? You’ve most likely experienced this farm already if you’ve eaten at ETT: Bread Bar or at Ancaster Mill, and yes, you can expect the food at this event to be just as awesome. Feast on the Farm is the perfect opportunity to dive into local cuisine, meet the farmers, and see where your favourite food comes from, all while supporting Tastebuds and 3Acres (Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program)!

Tastebuds Hamilton Feast on the Farm

Last year the event was held at Ancaster Mill and the food was outstanding . Here is a little sample of last year’s event to get you excited for this year:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t wait any longer! You can get your tickets for $75 online at

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