Southern Smoke Barbecue House

Southern Smoke BBQ House (8)

With 10 beers on tap, homemade Mac n’ Cheese, smoker-finished BBQ beans, and the most delicious locally-sourced meats which are smoked in an authentic apple and cherry wood-fired smoker, Southern Smoke Barbecue House on Ottawa Street is a mecca for BBQ lovers.

Southern Smoke started off as being Hamilton’s only authentic wood-fired BBQ food truck four seasons ago. Its success as a food truck prompted owners Terrilea and Mike to open a year round restaurant to keep delivering fantastic BBQ to Hamiltonians. Thank you!

Southern Smoke BBQ House (7)

Southern Smoke uses quality, local ingredients to consistently deliver a generous spread of delicious BBQ – this is why they are a stop on our Ottawa Street Food Tour. Our guests on the last food tour were thrilled with Southern Smoke and couldn’t wait to come back for more!

Southern Smoke BBQ House (2)

The restaurant is a great place to enjoy dinner as you can round out your meal with a choice from 10 beers on tap, including local brews like Collective Arts.

BONUS: If you’re hosting a get-together, you can have Southern Smoke cater your event – you can even get a whole pig!

Southern Smoke BBQ House (1)

You can check out Southern Smoke’s food truck or restaurantOR join us on our Ottawa Street Food Tour and you’ll get to experience Southern Smoke and our other stops so you’ll know exactly where all the hot spots are when you visit Ottawa Street again for more delicious BBQ!

Facebook: Southern Smoke Barbecue House
Instagram: @ssbbqhouse
Twitter: @ssbbqhouse

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