The Heather brings flavour and style to Barton Street

15326280_1847711552141702_6001364617114681318_oIt never ceases to amaze me how often I’m blown away by the calibre of food in our fair city.  It has happened once again with my visit to The Heather.

The cozy atmosphere created by Chef Matt Cowan and his wife Meg is comfortable and inviting.  It feels like you’re in a friend’s kitchen watching as he prepares a meal for your enjoyment.


The food is absolutely amazing.  Just look at the pictures.  And the pictures don’t begin to do it justice.  The small bites are packed with flavour.  The tasting menu was Chef’s Matt’s spin on some of his childhood favourites.  The plates are simply presented and executed to perfection.  The food speaks for itself.  And it does just that….and never disappoints.


Clearly my husband and I lost count somewhere along our flavour adventure of seven courses and eagerly anticipated our dessert only to be served with yet another savoury delight.  I thought there was no way I would be able to finish the braised pork cheek with whipped mushroom soup and sunchokes, but it magically disappeared.


Dessert is my favourite.  I had already checked out the pictures on Facebook so I knew what was coming.  The spice sponge cake with date jam, pine nut brittle and cream cheese mousse was so delicious.  I tried to savour it but ultimately devoured every last spoonful.  It was pure heaven.


We were lucky to have Chef Matt and his lovely wife, Meg’s undivided attention to celebrate our anniversary.  I know we won’t get this privilege again, this place is going to be really busy once the secret is out.


If the thought of a seven course tasting menu is too daunting, Chef Matt is unveiling a four course version next week.  I say go for the full experience, you won’t regret it!  They even send you home with homemade shortbread and tea to enjoy later.  It was an experience we won’t soon forget…..absolutely wonderful.

For reservations email:



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